22nd ISTANBUL International Conference on Ecological Agriculture, Biodiversity and Internal Diseases (EABID-20)

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Dec. 16-17, 2016 Pattaya (Thailand) Back

International Research Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies (RCSSHIS-2016) & 2016 International Conference on Practices in Law, Business and Education (PLBE-16)  Editors: Prof. Dr. Wagih Elgohary, Prof. Dr. Alberto J. Valenzuela  ISBN 978-93-84468-86-6


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Shafi School of Thought: An Analytic Study of its Revival
Dr. P.S. Syed Masood Jamali
2Work Performance Motivation of Chinese teachers of Chinese Language teaching agency in Bang Na district
Dr. Watchara Yeesuntes, and Yuan Xiaomeng
3Factors of Purchasing Decision Behavior of Men’s Face Cleansing Foam in Minburi Region
Dr. Chinnaso Visitnitikija, and Lingmin Luo
4Quality of Life for International Students Living in the Dormitory, Kasem Bundit University
Sutham Pongsamran, and Wen Xin He
5Performance Motivation development of Smart Land Asset Co., Ltd. Employees in Bangkok
Sutham Pongsamran, and Sophon Chonpannon
6Guidance of Marketing Factors of Freshwater Fish Farming Entrepreneur Business Success in Nakorn Nayog Province, Thailand
Dr. Watchara Yeesoontes, and Treethipnipa Chokanattachai
7The Relationship between TOEIC Reading Scores and Achievement Scores in Reading Courses of an English Major Program
Soisithorn Isarankura
8Factors of Work Performance Motivation of Chinese workers in Thailand
Dr. Watchara Yeesuntes, and Zhaoyu Fan
9Consumer Buying Behaviors of Household Plastic Furniture Company
Dr. Chinnaso Visitnitikija, and Suparat Kanapongratthorn
10Factors of Marketing Mix Influencing Consumer Behavior of Purchasing Vegetables at Parg Klong Talad Market
Dr. Watchara Yeesuntes, and Sirinee Saisanit
11Marketing Mix Influencing Consumer Behavior in Choosing Skin Care Clinic at Chularat Hospital 1 bangkok
Dr. Watchara Yeesuntes, and Ananya Sanyotha
12Service Quality of Language Institute and Eastern Wisdom
Dr. Watchara Yeesuntes, and Xiaomeng Hua
13Factors of Consumer Behavior Effected the Use of Tesco Lotus Credit Card, Bangkok
Dr. Chairat Suriyapa, and Aiyada Luecha
14Motivation Factors Affecting the Employees Work Performance at Big Lot Factory Land in Pathumthani Province
Tosaporn mahamud, and Premrudee Nguankratok
15The Investigation of the Effect of the Bullying Prevention Program
Mustafa Eşkisu, Sedat Gelibolu, and Metin Pişkin
16Intention to Adopt EBooks: A Study on Influence of Consumption Value, Personal Values, and Resistance to Change
Chan Pin Hu
17Community Outreach through the Use of Sport
Eoin J. Trolan
18The Influence of Learning Styles and Perceived Instructional Styles on Academic Performance of University Students in Thailand
Parvathy Varma, and Robert Ho
19General Weighted Average, Mental Ability and Battery Test Scores of Teacher Education Students
Alberto J. Valenzuela, Marilyn S. De Leon, Editha N. De Regla and Edwin A. Estrella
20The Relationship between Consolidated Financial Statement and Firm Performance
Prof. Dr. Turgut ÇÜRÜK, and Res. Asst. Ayşe TANYERİ
21Land Use Pattern and Climate related risks Assessment In Angat river Basin: The Case of Riverfront barangay in Baliwag and Bustos, Bulacan, Philippines
Randy Po, Reynaldo Cruz, Alberto J. Valenzuela, Alvin Nuqui
22Persona Research for Internet and IPTV in PT. Telkom Indonesia
Muhammad Ricky Febrian, and Lina Setiawati
23An Analysis of Factors influencing the Sustainability of Private Universitys Music Faculty of Thailand
Pannawit Sanitnarathorn, Navaya Shinasharkey, Kittisak Poolsawat, and Jessada Chitrakorn

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