22nd ISTANBUL International Conference on Ecological Agriculture, Biodiversity and Internal Diseases (EABID-20)

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Dec. 14-15, 2017 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Back

CABES-2017, DMCCIA-2017, FEBM-17, BDCMTE-17, LLHIS-17 and BMLE-17


Prof. Dr. Rahim Ahmadi

Prof. Dr. Mohammed M. Nadeem,

Dr. Thaweesak Yingthawornsuk

ISBN 978-93-86878-06-9



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1In Vitro Management of Ganoderma Basal Stem Rot Disease on Oil Palm Using Wild Basidiomycetes Fruiting on the Ground after Rainfall
N.M.R. Assyiffa., N.Z Natasha., A.Z Hamzah., and M.Z Rasdi
2Comparative Study on the Extraction of Bioactive Compound from Banana and Pineapple Peel Extract
Nurdalilah Othman, Yi Peng Teoh, Zhong Xian Ooi and Sung Ting Sam
3Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide on Growth, Photosynthesis and Mineral Accumulation of Ficus deltoidea Var Deltoidea Jack
Nik-Nurnaeimah NM Nasir, Mohammad Moneruzzaman Khandaker, and Nashriyah Mat
4Environmental Conservation of Endangered Manipur Brow- Antlered Deer (Rucervus eldii eldii) For Sustainable Population Management under Captive Environment in National Zoological Park, Delhi, India
Pratyansha Singh, Amarjeet Kaur and Manoj Kumar
5Preliminary Assessment of Ground Water Quality using Water Quality Index near Landfill Site: A Case Study of Ghazipur, Delhi
Priyanka Kumari, Amarjeet Kaur, N. C. Gupta and D. K. Chadha
6A Research on Production Potential and Development Opportunities of Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) in Turkey
Mikdat Şimşek and Ersin Gülsoy
7Survey and Characterization of Botanical Pesticidal Plants in Ifugao
Teresita D. Allig
8Phytochemical, Antimicrobial and Sensory Qualities of Herbal Tea Made from Sarcandra glabra and Drymis piperita
MA. Louisa G. Taguiling, Chita Villena
9Synthesis and Study of Good’s Buffer Ionic Liquid as Corrosion Inhibitor for Carbon Steel in Acidic Medium
R. Nanthini, KA Kurnia, and MC Ismail
10Association between Fat Mass and Obesity Associated (FTO) Gene Polymorphism (rs9939609) and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): A Sri Lankan Study
Branavan Umayal, Muneeswaran Kajan, N.V. Chandrasekharan, W.S.S. Wijesundera and Chandrika N.Wijeyaratne
11Life Cycle Assessment for Canned Crab Product (Portunus Pelagius) Product in Indonesia
Putri Amelia
12A Study on Transportation Algorithm of Bi-Level Logistics Nodes Based on Genetic Algorithm
Jiacheng Li and Lei Li
13Bond Characteristics of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
D.Gunneswra Rao Tippabhotla and Andal Mudimby
14Complex Behavior Characteristics of the Ground under Multi-Pressed in Pipes for Non-Open Cut Construction by Laboratory Tests
Park SungBum, Kim YoungMin, Kim MiNa and Cho KookHwan
15Maintenance and Preservation Requirement Materials on Floating Mosque
Elis Mardzianah Mazlan, Adi Irfan Che-Ani and Asmawan Mohd Sarman
16Thermal Surface Analysis on Modern Apartment’s Façade in Penang, Malaysia
Yasser Arab, Ahmad Sanusi Hassan and Bushra Qanaa
17Predicting Student’s Academic Performance in a MOOC Environment
Rahila Umer, Teo Susnjak, Anuradha Mathrani and Suriadi Suriadi
18Data Mining Techniques to Improve Predictions Accuracy of Students Academic Performance: A Case Study with Xorro—Q
Gomathy Ramaswami, Teo Susnjak, Anuradha Mathrani, James Lim and Pablo Garcia
19A Novel imputation-Boosted Technique to Overcome the Unrated Items Issue and Improving the Performance of Collaborative Filtering
Morad Ali Hassan, Ali Mansoor Alsahaq and Salem Alseed Alatrash
20Routing Schemes for ZigBee Low-Rate Power Personal Area Network: A Survey
Bongisizwe E. Buthelezi, Topside E. Mathonsi, Solly Maswikaneng and Maredi Mphahlele
21MQTT of IoT Classification in Energy Saving
Sujita Jiwangkura, Peraphon Sophatsathit and Achara Chandrachai
22LOUD : Authoritative Parenting Style to Minimalize Adolescent Delinquency
Dini Trijayati
23Design and Testing of Oil Distillation Performance Tools Become Alternative Fuel
Mochammad Fajar Pamungkas Jatmiko
24A Discourse Analysis: A Video of Five Years Old Girl in Criticizing UK Prime Minister about Homeless People
Yesvika Fibry Prescilla
25Tragedy and the Tragic A Study of Ernst Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms and Naguib Mahfouz’s The Beginning and the End
Rania Khelifa Chelihi, Dr. Mohd Nazri Latiff Azmi, Dr. Hardev Kaur and Ayaicha Somia
26The Evolution Indian Women Psyche: A Chronological Study of Women and Woman Writers in India
Dr. S. Henry Kishore
27Educative Game as a Strategy Increasing Quality of Children Age School
Riska Ainun Wulandari Zalukhu
28The Impact of Mimicry and Othering in Kam Raslan’s Confession of an Old Boy: The Dato’ Hamid Adventures
Afifah Mohamad Radzi and Mohd Hasrul Kamarulzaman
29The Application of Brand Personality to Country as a Brand: The Case of the US
Kawpong Polyorat, Sirintip Traikasem, Jaruwan Panomjerasawat and Wiranpat Mongkolamnuay
30Politeness in Conversation on TV Series Friends
Indrawati, Prof. Dr. Sri Samiati Tarjana and Prof. Dr. Joko Nurkamto
31Innovative Instructional Strategies Utilized by Professional Education Teachers
Phillip G. Queroda
32ICT Project in Malaysia - A Case of Public-Private Partnership
Arief Affendi Ab Wahab and Assoc. Prof. Dr Kamran Shavarebi
33The Effectiveness of Practical Work on Students’ Interest towards Learning Physics
Mei Chi Lee and Fauziah Sulaiman
34Moderators in an Equation: How Organisational Culture and Information System Complexity add Moderating Effects in Theory of Planned Behaviour
Saiyidi Mat Roni, Hadrian Geri Djajadikerta and Terri Trireksani
35Selective Measures Under Constant and Variable Returns-To-Scale Assumptions
Mehdi Toloo and Esmaeil Keshavarz
36Dynamic linkages between Newly Developed Islamic Equity Style Indices
Shahrin Saaid Shaharuddin, Wee-Yeap Lau and Rubi Ahmad
37Ritual Dynamics Study of Ritual Dance and Literary Performance of Aruh Adat Dayak Meratus in Hulu Sungai Tengah District, South Kalimantan
Edlin Yanuar Nugraheni and Rusma Noortyani
38Implication of Intelligent Transport Systems for the Prevention of Road and Rail Accidents to Great Extent
Manmohan Singh
39The system of modeling of transboundary pollution transfer for the Kazakhstan part of the Ili river
Jalal Jamalov, Daniyar Nurseitov

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