22nd ISTANBUL International Conference on Ecological Agriculture, Biodiversity and Internal Diseases (EABID-20)

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Jan. 10-11, 2018 Bali (Indonesia) Back

RTET-2018, AABCES-18 & BDMCTE-18


Prof. Dr. Ismail Musirin

Assoc. Prof. Reyhan Erdogan

ISBN 978-93-86878-08-3



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Text Modeling in Adaptive Educational Chat Room Based on Data Mining
Nidal A.M Jabari
2MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Prediction of Optimum Asphalt Content That Satisfies Marshall Parameters of HRS-Base Hotmix Asphalt by Using Artificial Neural Networks
Santi Imelda Simatupang, Latif Budi Suparma and Akhmad Aminullah
3Rheological Behavior of DBS-Induced Kerosene Gel Propellants
Kurniawan Ardhianto, Jerin John, Purushothaman Nandagopalan and Seung Wook Baek
4Fracture Toughness Properties of Mullite-Magnesia-Yttria Stabilized Zirconia System
Budi Lukman Hakim and Handoko Subawi
5The Characterization of the Impact Resistance of the Multi-Panel Fiber Composite Structure through A Ballistic Test
Nazarudin and Bambang Soegijono
6Ensemble Based Learning with Stacking, Boosting and Bagging for Unimodal Biometric Identification System
Supreetha Gowda H D, Hemantha Kumar G and Mohammad Imran
7Post Disaster Resilient Sustainable Housing Program for Chietla, Puebla, Mexico
Dr. Jaime Jesús Rios Calleja, Dr. Gloria Carola Santiago Azpiazu and Zayra Georgina Valencia Ramírez
8Bioremediation of Soil Contaminated Diesel using Symbiotic Bacteria with Nutrient Variation Concentration
Rima Nurmalasari and Bieby Voijant Tangahu
9Prediction of Methane Emissions from Domestic Waste and the Conversion of Electrical Energy in North Surabaya for Ten Years
I Made Satya Graha and Mohammad Razif
10Inventory and Prediction of Ten Years Methane Gas Emissions from Domestic Wastewater and Conversion to Electrical Energy in East Surabaya
Nashrullah Al Mubarak and Mohammad Razif
11Reducing CO2 and H2S Gas in Biogas Using Wet Scrubber Method with Ca(OH)2 Solution
Andria Muchlisin Wicaksono, Joni Hermana and Agus Slamet
12Screening of Halophilic Archaea from Indonesia that produce L-asparaginase Enzyme
Dian Alfian Nurcahyanto, Sumi Hudiyono PWS and Yopi
13Peat Soil Stabilization by Adding Solution of Endogenous Aerobic Decomposer Bacteria Consortium
Ayu Prativi, Noor Endah Mochtar and Enny Zulaika
14Empirical Correlation Between Soil Plasticity and Consolidation Parameter of Remoulded Clay
I Made Wahyu Pramana and Noor Endah Mochtar
15Wind Load on Chimney Study at Difference Wind Direction by Considering Surrounding Buildings by using Wind tunnel test
Matza Gusto Andika and Syariefatunnisa
16Numerical Prediction of Energy Efficiency of Standing Buildings in Hot and Dry Cites
A. Balabel and M. Alwetaishi

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