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Prof. Dr. Bulent TOPCUOGLU

Assoc. Prof. Anastasia Logotheti

Prof. Dr. Aleksander Aristovnik

ISBN 978-81-933894-4-7


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Phytotoxic Effects of Two Biochars Derived from Wood Chip and Sewage Sludge: Salt Stress and Toxic Compounds Tests
Laila Bouqbis, Claudia Irene Kammann, Moulay Cherif Harrouni, Salma Daoud, and Hans Werner Koyro
2Production of Risk Classification Map for the Area Vulnerable To Mosquito-Transmitted Diseases, Suez Canal Zone
Ahmed M. El-Zeiny, Asmaa M. El-Hefni and Mohamed M. Sowilem
3Refugee Impacts in Hosting Countries- Solid waste Management in Amman city as a Case Study
Mohammad K. Younes, and Ghassan A. Al-Dulaimi
4The Environmental Worldview of Youth in a Secondary School in Kosovo-A Pro NEP Perspective
Pajtim Bytyqi, Ferdije Zhushi Etemi, Murtezan Ismaili, Mile Srbinovski, Osman Fetoshi, and Albona Shala-Abazi
5Monitoring of air quality in Pristina for the time period of November, December 2016 and January 2017
Shala Shkumbin, Ceka Rushan, Fetoshi Osman, and Shala Astrit
6Macro Invertebrates as Indicators of Anthropogenic Pollution of the River Mirusha in Kosovo
Arbnora Bytyqi, Ferdije Zhushi Etemi, Pajtim Bytyqi, and Murtezan Ismaili
7Comparative ameliorants efficiency of the spring barley productivity grown in sodium -sulphate saline-alkali soil (solonchak-solonets) conditions
Kanaibek Kubenkulov, Nurzhamal Khokhanbayeva, Askhat Naushabayev, Roza Assylova, Kerimbek Zhumadilkhan
8Dynamics 0f Water-Salt Regime 0f Meadow Salıne Soıls Foothill Plain of The Ilı Alatau
Aigul BEKETOVA, Saginbay KALDYBAEV, and Zhainagul ERTAEVA
9Removal of Pb (II) and Cd (II) from aqueous solution Using Chitosan Modified Sawdust Char
Similade Adeodun and Aderonke Okoya
10Prediction of Potential Electrical Energy Generation from MSW of Basrah Government
Abdul Hussain A. Abbas, Wisam S. N. Al-Rekabi, Ahmed N. A. Hamdan
11Assessment of Sustainable Sanitation Systems: Urban Slums
Ali Hamza, Menal Zaheer, and Bertug Akintug
12Urban Safe Haven: Planning and Design
Tara Azad Rauof, and Binaee Yaseen Raof
13Investigation of the Effect of Polymeric Cement Modifier and Fibers on Properties of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Cement Composites by Surface Response Method
Arda Özen, M.Hulusi Özkul
14Sedimentology Studies and Environmental Impacts of Land Subsidence in Eslamshahr, SW Tehran, Iran
Khalil Rezaei
15Quantification of Environmental Assessment Parameters Leading To Economical Evaluation Technique for Better Choice of Optimum Treatment Method for Small Villages in Egypt
Amro S. Kandil, Walid Abd ElAzim, Medhat Abd Elmooty and Ahmed ElGendy
16Effect of Dietary Dried Oregano Leaves Supplementation on Broiler Performance
Fazhana Ismail, Abdul S. Chaudhry, and Sandra Edwards
17Conformance Test of Association Among Several Arbuscular Myccorhizal (AM) to The Growth of Coffea Arabica (Coffeae Arabica L.) Seedling
Indra Dwipa, and Pajri Ananta Yudha
18Studying and Simulation for Different Geometry of Nanoholes Array (NHA) in Surface Plasmons Biosensor
Mohanad Hasan Ali Aljanabi
19Photochemical Study and Biological Activity of Phenolic Compounds of four Varieties of common Wheat (Triticum aestivum ) and Barley (Hordeum vulgare) Subjected to Water Stress
Chaib Ghania, Benlaribi Mostefa, Kasser Laaour Hayet and Khenioua Soumia
20Optimizing Weed Control by Integrating the Best Herbicide Rate and Bio-Agents in Wheat Field
Meisam Zargar, Vadim Plushikov, Elena Pakina, Peter Dokukin and Elena Kalabashkila
21Assessment of Nitrate and Heavy Metal Pollution of Groundwaters in the Intensive Agricultural Areas
Bülent Topcuoğlu
22Numerical modeling of non-condensable gases type during condensation of steam-water mixture
Youness El Hammami, Kaoutar Zine-Dine, Rachid Mir and Touria Mediouni
23Dynamometer Tests to Estimate Efficiencies of Slow Moving Vehicles
Harwin Saptoadi
24Investigation of HTK for Arabic Phonemes Boundary Detection
Abed Ahcène, Amrouche Aissa and Boubakeur Khadidja Nesrine
25Quantity-Based Dispatching Models For Collection Centers In Reverse Supply Chains
Mehmet Alegoz and Onur Kaya
26New Method for Stemming of Arabic Language Text
Amrouche Aissa, Abed Ahcène, and Boubakeur Khadidja Nesrine
27Analysis and Evaluation of Learning/Training Time Convergence Associated With e-learners Using Artificial Neural Networks Modeling
Hassan M. H. Mustafa, Fadhel Ben Tourkia
28Application of Innovative Technologies in the Production of Malting
G. Baigaziyeva, S. Shintasova
29Comparative Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms and Smart Traffic Control Systems
Diedon BUJARI and Erke ARIBAS
30MATLAB/Simulink Model for Stability Studies of A Multi-Machine Power System incorporating Static VAR Compensator and Power System Stabilizers
InshaMuzaffer, HailiyaAhsan, Mairajud-Din Mufti and S A Lone
31An Adaptive Fingertips Detection Based on Skeletonization Technique for Invariant Hand Gestures
Md Jan Nordin, Ahmad Yahya Dawod, Junaidi Abdullah
32Air Traffic Controller Alertness Level Detection
Aziz PARMAKSIZ , Assoc. Prof. Mehmet GÖKTÜRK
33Performance Comparison of WIMAX and WLAN Technologies using OPNET Modeler
Ali Gezer, Marwa Khaleel
34Induction Heating Application for Glow Plugs to Obtain Flexible Heating Capability
Bayram Akdemir and Bayram Volkan Reisoglu
35Slip Flow Modeling trough a Rarefied Nitrogen Gas between two coaxial Cylinders
Souheila Boutebba, Wahiba Kaabar
36Analysis of Dielectric Properties of Polyurethane Between 50 Hz and 400 Hz Frequencies
Emel Onal, Ozer Ergun
37Cost of Poor Power Quality in Industrial Plants
Ozer Ergun, Emel Onal
38A Novel Approach for Visual Representation of Animated Weather Station Data
Doğu SIRT, Dr. Mehmet GÖKTÜRK