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Dignified Researchers in Agricultural, Biological & Life Sciences

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ISECT-2017, BDAMTE-17, IDCE-2017, CCES-2017, ICHBES-2017, MBPS-2017, ACBES-17, LHHIS-17, LBETM-17, AFPIS-2017 & EFEAM-2017

Prof. Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh
Assist. Prof. Dr. Murat Kunelbayev
Prof. Dr. Bülent TOPCUOĞLU

ISBN 978-93-86878-03-8


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1An Overview of Expectation Maximization and K-Means family Clustering Algorithms in Data Mining Applications
Mehrsa Moghadaszadeh and Hamid Shokrzadeh
2Experimental Investigation on Jets Issuing from Angular Cut Nozzles
Thanigaiarasu.S, Divvela Rakesh, Vishnu Raj, Manikandan.S, Elangovan.K and Lovaraju.P
3Theoretical Investigation of the Thermophysical Properties of a R141b Based Nanorefrigerant-A Comparative Analysis
A.D. Parekh, V. Nair and P.R. Tailor
4An Efficient Clustering Algorithm Based on Expectation Maximization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network
Mehrsa Moghadaszadeh and Hamid Shokrzadeh
5Studies on Machinability and Mechanical behaviour of Epoxy based Polymer Matrix Composites
K.Elangovan, B.Kothandaraman and S.Thanigaiarasu
6Investigation on Corrosion Behaviour of ZrN Thin Films in Industrial Environment
J V Menghani, K.B Pai, M.K Totlani and N Jalgoankar
7The Rise of Internet of Things (IoT) and its Security Challenges
Gajendra Sharma and Saugat Acharya
8Window Analysis Using Two-Stage DEA in Heart Hospitals
Mirpouya Mirmozaffari and Alireza Alinezhad
9An Output Oriented Window Analysis Using Two-Stage DEA in Heart Hospitals
Mirpouya Mirmozaffari, Mostafa Zandieh and Seyed Mojtaba Hejazi
10Real Time Network on Chip (NOC) Architecture with CDMA Techniques with Audio Decoders
Talla Vamshi and Dr. T. Satya Savithri
11A Cloud Theory-based Simulated Annealing for Discovering Process Model from Event Logs
Seyed Mojtaba Hejazi, Mostafa Zandieh and Mirpouya Mirmozaffari
12Cooperative Spectrum Sharing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Tshimangadzo M. Tshilongamulenzhe, Topside E. Mathonsi, Member IAENG and Maredi I. Mphahlele
13Minimization of Packet Congestion in Wireless Sensor Networks
Tshimangadzo M. Tshilongamulenzhe, Topside E. Mathonsi, member IAENG and Maredi I. Mphahlele
14Non-Cooperative RF Source Identification for Drone Localization Using SDR-Based System
F. Auguy, H. des Dorides, D. Petrovic and C. de Loture
15Free Vibration Analysis of Rotating Functionally Graded Beams Using the p-Version of the Finite Element Method
Mohammed Nabil Ouissi and Sidi Mohammed Hamza-Cherif
16A Multi-Model Method in Near Infrared Spectra Analysis
Sheng LIU and Quan-Dong FENG
17Recovery of Lignocellulosic Waste from Date Palm in Activated Carbon
Bahiani Malika, Kalloum Slimane,Ben ali Lwiza and Boutadara Khadidja
18Effect of Poh-wi (Pittosporum ramosii Merr.) Bark and Leaves and Bakuwog (Sandoricum vidallii Merr.) Bark in the Control of Golden Apple Snails
Gumayon, Ruby Ann C. and Bulong, Marissa P.
19Friedel Crafts Acylation of Anisole with Modified Zeolites
Sreedhar Inkollu, Mohammed Shoebuddin Habeeb and Sreenivasulu Bolisetty
20Recovery of Indium form Waste LCD by Solvent Extraction with Ionic Liquids
Xiaofei Yin, Kaihua Zhang and Yufeng Wu
21Recovery of Lead form CRT Glass by Pyrogenic Process
Shuhao Zhang, Huaidong Wang, Guangli Zhou and Yufeng Wu
22Orthorexia-When Eating Healthy Becomes An Obsession
Adeena Shafique, Sammia Rehman, Rafia Hafeez, Syeda Fatma H. Bukhari, Aimen Niaz, Zujaja tul Misbah, Azka Khan and Saadia Zahid
23Sugarcane Crop Water Requirement and Irrigation Scheduling Based on Planting Dates at Kenana Sugarcane Plantation
Muataz Shareif M. Ali, Mukhtar Ahmed Mustafa and Abdallah A.Siddig
24Energy Generation from Biomass
Dr. Raj Kumar Pathak , Shivani Guglani, Aafreen Kazi, Sravyasruti G and Dr. Nitin E Pareira
25Effect of Few Parameters on Removal of Atrazine from Waste Water
Dr. Raj Kumar Pathak, Dr A.K. Dikshit and Dr. Nitin E Pareira
26Removal of CO2 in a Multistage Fluidized Bed Reactor by Monoethanolamine Functionlized Activated Carbon
Dipa Das and B. C. Meikap
27Influence of thin Film Quality Control Parameters on the Properties of Spray Coated Tin Monosulfide thin Films for Photovoltaic Application
Siddhant B. Patel and Jignasa V. Gohel
28Decision Making Approaches upon Home Buying versus Home Renting for Individual Households
Siamak Hajiyakhchali and Mosayeb Hassanvand
29A New Buffer Monitoring Approach Based on Earned Value Management Concepts
Mehrasa Mosallami, and Siamak Haji Yakhchali
30Designing a Program Management Maturity Model (ELENA)
Mohammad Hossein Afrazeh and Siyamak Hajiyakhchali
31Proposing a Developed Risk Assessment Model based on ELENA: A Case Study in Railway
Mehraneh Davari, Siamak Haji Yakhchali, and Sirous Shojaie
32Tourism Development and ‘Make in India’: What is Lacking
Dr. Guljit K. Arora and Ashug
33Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges for Gender Equality
Anula Maurya and Anuradha Maurya
34Nigerian Constitution: A Clog in the Wheel of Sustainable Governance
Oyekan Kolawole Jamiu
35Content Analysis with Textual Visualization Tools: Example of Turkey’s Key Events in 2016
Güllü Yakar
36Human Capital Development and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation
Sajuyigbe, Ademola. S
37Model for Evaluation of Efficiency of the Customs Authorities Risk Management System
Tatiana Saurenko